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A life-line

It took me forty years to "uncover" my real gifts and needs: sculpting in stone. After pursuing successful careers in teaching and cinéma, I began to sculpt on my own. However it wasn't until I worked with the "artigiani" (artisans) at the Carrera marble quarries in Toscany that I became aware of the subtleties of the art and techniques of dealing with stone. It was while wandering through the surrounding countryside, along its streams and in abandonned stone mines that I discovered "rock" in its infinite rich variety. I brought selected pieces back to my studio. When,at some late date,my chisels remove each stone's excess to reveal its essence. Sometimes following the changing seasons, sometimes wanting the privacy of my studio, I share my time between Paris and Grenoble. Time, travel and work allow me to pursue this voyage of unending discovery.